Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bob split

Next baju kurung i wanna try out this bob split. It's cute. But the problem is where to find a tailor that can do it?

New trash shoes

Cheap shoes to lenjan while i'm getting a new crocs. Bought this at Jln Tar for RM30 only ;)

Raw Silk

Looking for raw silk to match

Beautiful hydrangeas

Not bad lah jugak my phone amik gambar macro. It always works best for outdoor haih.

Canteknyerrr! Hydrangeas anytime for me :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Japanese beans icecream

Fuh! Authentic Japanese beans

Newborn Bunnies

Taken on the August 11th
Taken on the August 15th

Cornetto vs Baskin

I treated bem cornetto aishkweem. He said he's gonna treat me bashkinwobin! Kan chayang kan?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Walls ice cream

The Walls ice cream packaging is all in Thai language. Why? Even it's imported it should be at least in English right?

Carlo Rino sandal

Carlo Rino puppy sandal

View from Darby Park

PNB and Tabung Haji view from 3oth floor Darby Park

Lift maintenance

Lift maintenance.There are a lot of movies with lift accidents. Skeri!

New RM50 note

My first few RM50 new note

Front view
Back view

Steering wheel

PS3, Wii, Xbox picks

Games on display

Cheepster bought new steering wheel

Daiso, KL

Some of the stuff that i'm looking for unfortunately i can get it cheaper at other place.

PSP, camera and DS protector screen at only RM5

The paperbacks

The paperbacks i'm trying hard to finish. I mean really hard!

First lunch with Jemputz

First lunch with Cik Jemputz at Kampung Baru

We ordered lauk pauk and nasik puteh

Mangosteen overload

This year i had a good time eating mangosteen because 2 of my colleagues ada dusun and they brought lots of em. I bought once for me and Cheepster to eat. My MIL also bought few kgs for us to eat. Mangosteen is love!!!

Kidzania theme park

A RM50 million educational theme park from Mexico, KidZania, will open by early 2012 at a new building in Mutiara Damansara in Selangor, just across from the Curve shopping mall.