Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sucker for frames

3R photo frames 3x3 row is cool!

Negative film frame.

Long frame with 5 insert. The cupcake/pastry design insert is kinda cool gak kan?

Ikea with raya decor

Cheap vase at Ikea

Vase kecik, beso, tinggi, lebar

Add red and white petals in the rektangel vase. Perfect for coffee table decor :)

Homemade kuih raya

It's amazing that my sis baked all the raya cookies this year. 5 types altogether

Shopping raya for guys



Stripe shirts?

Checkered shirts?

Long sleeve or short sleeve?

Kad raya handmade

The last minute kad raya for the GLC. I actually glued each of the photos on every card, hence the lain2 pattern sket.

Tak buat banyak boleh lah tampal satu2 hehe. It's kinda cheapskate because i only use A4 paper but it looks quite nice lah jugak :P

Raya decor @ Midvalley

Kampung environment in illustration style

Cool decor with props

The cool lampu 'minyak tanah' look

The details....tudung saji and vintage radio

Macam brown cow in Farmville plak hehe

Kain songket

Black gold or black silver? Haih dua2 pon tak match with my kebaya tops

Rattling exhaust pipe

Can't tahan anymore the rattling sound of the exhaust pipe after like 3 months. The mechanic fix it tak sampai 5 minit. Terus drive peacefully lepas tuh.

Mexican anyone?

The day we pow our ceo on mexican food

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rain at Gardens

The day b4 raya. Hopefuli no traffic jam