Friday, October 23, 2009

M.A.C mirth & mischief

New collection of M.A.C-Magic Mirth & Mischief

Kolum Diwali

Diwali kolum at Ampang Park yang dah tekene sepakan orang

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photographer in action

Photographer on duty during dept's potluck

Photographer telampau. Hehehe alahai PM ku neh

The food i brought for the potluck - roasted chicken

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner @ AU2

The day i have to stayback late in the HQ. Randomly chose any restaurant nearby to grab a quick dinner.

Ate Ramly burger special. Kesedapan!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lunch at Belanga, Midvalley

Lunch at Belanga. Not the same belanga kat desa pandan tuh hehe

The first dish yang sampai, nasi lemak with fried chicken. Nasik dia kaler ijau!
My asam laksa, sedap gak!
nasik dagang
nasik kerabu

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lunch at Tupai Tupai

First time nak Starex
It's huge! Rasa cam naik lorry
Went to Tupai2 to have lunch

With our vendor

Shan the shy guy. Hehehe dorang plak makan pakai sudu garpu slalu nampak pakai tangan jer

Poji cam hepi beno dapat duduk makan bersila. Padahal dia suker sbb konpem makan free tuh hahaha

Mooncake sale

Thai Thong slashed half of their moon cake's price hence the long queue. Pix taken at KLCC

Raya @ Next door neighbour

Our next door neighbour has a cool house design

And the interior pon very nice! Pond in the middle of the house. Tgh makan2 bawah khemah

I ♥ Tee too

Cute lah this logo even though it's quite common

Say hello to our new niece

Went to visit Cheep's sister at DSH. She gave birth to a cute baby girl.

Isn't this lovely?! i ♥ hydrangeas
Kekami with lil Irdina
Checking out their new addition in the family
This is my first time to enter premier suite in DSH. The room has 2 sections was totally comfortable for the mom and dad.
The mini pantry and dining table.
On our way back we noticed this raya decor. Doesn't it looks like a shrine? Lol!

Transformers annoying fans

Remember the hip when Transformers II was released? Everybody nak tunjuk terel yang dorang among the early birds dapat tgk movie tuh because the tix were sold out in every cinemas. And these were the annoying comments i read in FB when someone update the status that they wanted to watch the TFII o.O

This guy is so annoying that he not just wrote a spoiler, but he told everyone the ENDING! effing unbelievable!

This one plak, telebey proud that she had already watched it. Sooo?! Sorry, i just found all these comments too annoying. I kept all the print screens lama jugak, only now feels like uploading it.

Ekiden Run 2009

Starting line

Cheep with his mr. world sash ♥masyamph!♥

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wangsa Walk

One fine friday afternoon, we went to the newly opened Wangsa Walk Mall

And check out all the stores. There's Kopitiam.

I like the seats in this salon. Retro-ish!

The wallpaper stickers. Only RM5 at Hinode
The wangsa walk signage
Popular bookstore. Tada plak nampak 'Cinta yang Terlarang'. lol!
*drool* rows of books! I wanna buy all :( *drool*
and all of this!
Sara Lee cheesecake is supposed to be good. Must try soon

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Corporate gift

Corporate gift waiting to be delivered

One of the gift that i loike! Would make a nice jewellery box!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ayam golek at Pantai Dalam

Our favourite ayam golek is Pantai Dalam. The best so far :)

Monday evening at Midvalley

It was Mid Autum Festival

So they were selling mooncakes and tanglung

Cheep wants donut. So he bought 3 pcs for himself.

Then we went for dinner at Popeyes. Ouh there's a new drink introduced - Red Ruby Orange!

Sedap jugak...a bit masam2

Random shots of chilli sauce bottle

Our meal for that evening