Monday, December 31, 2012

Our helper last day

Sedey! We're gonna miss her. Thanks for everything sunnah

Wedding Hazry & Eryl

GLC 2012 Year End Gathering - Part II

Revisit 2012 wishlist 

GLC in the kitchen

Behind the scene during group photo

Me and Kak Fara

GLC 2012 Year End Gathering - Part I

Gift for baby Hadi

A little late for newborn gift but never too late to give ;)

Birthday lunch treat at Tappers

Peace jeeb

I love u iP5!

Something white

Xmas decor @ sunway giza 2012

Xmas decor @ subang parade 2012

Co. year end party

Year end sale 2012 @ Sogo

Sale and such! Mac packaging


Cath Kidston imitation

Half price for Nike Babies

Mini totebag

Xmas decor @ sogo 2012

Dinner at Jim's Burger

Pizza steak

Beef cheese steak